If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, turn to us first! Our group of talented professionals will provide rock-solid support to you and your marketing endeavors. Collectively, our knowledgeable crew has over 100+ years of successful credit union marketing and management experience! Whatever challenges you face, it's likely we've faced them before and have the answers. However, our marketing approach is fresh and relative to today's current trends and market conditions. What can be better than great creative backed by years of experience?

Brenda Dobbs

Brenda began her career in credit unions in 1970 and has an extensive background in credit union management, marketing, systems and sales (you name it, she's done it). She founded Dobbs & Co. in 1992 and has since partnered exclusively with credit unions to provide strategic marketing solutions and support—and enjoyed every minute of it! She's a master strategic problem solver and has a gift for putting the right plan together with the right people to accomplish incredible results. Brenda has a BA in Communications from California State University, Sacramento.

Patricia Clarke

Patricia (you can call her "Patti") has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years. Patti has an extensive background in credit union management, sales, marketing, research, tracking and forecasting economic and demographic trends. Patti has a BA in Sociology and Research.

Becky Alvarado
Creative Director

Becky is the creative powerhouse behind Dobbs & Co. She has a degree in graphic design and brings over 23 years of credit union design and marketing experience to her position. Becky brings new life into every project and is able to think outside the box while maintaining a credit union's specific brand. Becky has been with Dobbs & Co. from the beginning and has been recognized many times on the state and national level for her creative work.

Krista Stafford
Senior Account Manager and Copywriter

Krista has 16 years of credit union marketing and management experience. Between 2004 – 2006 she took a break from credit unions to work for a charitable organization to manage over 600 volunteers (she likes the "people helping people" philosophy). Krista has a BA degree in Journalism from San Diego State University.

Dale DiPietro
Senior Copywriter

During the past 25 years, Dale has likely written more credit union copy than just about any active duty copywriter. With a B.A. in Journalism from San Diego State University, Dale has been a regular contributor to the Dobbs & Co. team since it's inception in 1992. Dale's creativity has helped the agency earn recognition from the American Marketing Association (AMA), Credit Union Executive Society (CUES), and Marketing Association of California (MAC). When he isn't writing, Dale enjoys surfing, which always brings him waves of creativity!

Celia Creek
Graphic Designer

Celia arrived at Dobbs & Co. after several years of corporate and agency experience and settled in as one of our award-winning designers. From 'funky' to 'corporate' she successfully designs marketing materials that motivate a response toward a product or service. She's a team player, with a great sense of color and detail, making her a perfect fit for our varied credit union clientele. Celia is a graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle.

Ann Bak
Graphic Designer

Ann is our go-to designer for the most detailed of jobs. She has a keen eye for consistency and a thirst for knowledge. It's not unusual to find Ann taking evening computer classes to hone her skills and keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Ann has a great attitude and is always eager to take on the most challenging of jobs.